Range Renegades

  • Elle Bent 117
    Elle Bent 117
  • Ginger Snapz 12
    Ginger Snapz 12
  • Siren Serenade 13
    Siren Serenade 13
  • Velvet 14
    Velvet 14
  • Kahler 210
    Kahler 210
  • Kaeos 26
    Kaeos 26
  • Knight Goddess 29 (C)
    Knight Goddess 29 (C)
  • Brutel Massacre 3
    Brutel Massacre 3
  • Mel-O-Drama 31 (C)
    Mel-O-Drama 31 (C)
  • Smackerena 68
    Smackerena 68
  • Panther Paws 69
    Panther Paws 69
  • Slob Zombie (Coach)
    Slob Zombie (Coach)
Elle Bent 117
Elle Bent 117

The Range Renegades are our representative female-only team. Currently Range Renegades training consists of all skaters who wish to participate in the team and have passed WFTDA Minimum Skills, and teams are selected for each game based on a number of factors - including attendance and participation.

Range Renegades focus is on teamwork, inclusivity and cohesiveness, and the team strongly believes that wins are not necessarily reflected on the scoreboard but on the integrity of the players and the achievement of per-game goals - both personal and as a team.

Range Renegades are coached by Slob Zombie, and in 2016 the Captains are Mel-O-Drama and Knight Goddess.