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TCR has a "rolling" intake structure - meaning we take new skaters at any time throughout the year. Just contact us on Facebook or using the form on our Home page to request further information. We also hold regular "Come and Try" days for both adults and juniors - if checking it out in a group session is more your style, follow us on Facebook for dates for future events.

Junior intakes are also "rolling", with official "Come and Try" days on the second Monday at the start of each Queensland school term.

Transferring skaters can apply at any time by prior arrangement - contact us for information, and feel free to drop in on a TCR session or two to see if we're what you're looking for.

Fresh Meat training

At TCR Fresh Meat, we have a focus on skating skills and safety. Your Coaches will not only teach you general skating skills, but also roller derby specific skills such as falling, safely and legally hitting and taking hits, and agility and footwork. You'll also begin to learn basic roller derby strategy and rules.

To progress past fresh meat, you must pass WFTDA Minimum Skills assessment (you can the current Minimum Skill Requirements on the WFTDA website). This assessment is undertaken continuously throughout your fresh meat journey in consultation with your Coaches.

You may continue in Fresh Meat for as long as you like (and it’s perfectly okay to take a long time!) - everyone progresses at a different rate for different reasons. Your Coaches take great pride in ensuring that you have the adequate skills and knowledge to be a safe and successful roller derby skater, and are completely invested in helping you achieve your personal goals.

About roller derby

Roller Derby is a full contact sport played on roller skates. Injury is possible. Therefore correct skating technique, sound skating skills, game/rules knowledge and insurance are compulsory for all competitive skaters. The safety of our skaters is always first priority!

Correct equipment is a necessity for all skaters – from Fresh Meat, to Refs, to Team skaters. See the diagrams below for equipment requirements and please note:

  • Skates MUST be quad derby skates (no roller blades and no plastic cheapies)
  • Helmets must be to Australian Standard
  • Pads and wrist guards must be good quality (again, no cheapies – trust us, you’ll regret them!
  • Skaters must be able to talk while wearing their mouth guard so choose wisely

Where to get advice:

You need to work out what equipment works best for you and all skaters have their own preferences when it comes to wheel types, boot brands and pad styles.

ASK US! Any of our current skating members will be more than happy to talk to you about equipment and make recommendations. As part of Fresh Meat, you will also learn how your equipment works and how to service it.


TCR has a small amount of gear for hire but we cannot guarantee sizes and do not recommend using hire gear for too long. Roller derby equipment can be purchased on the internet – do a web search for ‘roller derby equipment Australia’.