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The purpose of this policy is to set out the standards of behaviour expected of all Toowoomba City Rollers (TCR) Members. It is a condition of membership with TCR that members must agree to adhere to this policy at all times.


It is the policy of TCR that Members must:
  • foster the league ethos of "Teamwork, Courage, Respect";
  • treat all parties associated with TCR, including members, volunteers, suppliers, sponsors, and external stakeholders with respect. This also applies to people associated with other roller derby leagues;
  • treat others as you wish to be treated;
  • foster a supportive, inclusive and welcoming environment;
  • foster a strong league spirit and provide encouragement to league mates;
  • act as a positive role model;
  • maintain sporting conduct at all times;
  • play by the rules and do not bring the sport into disrepute;
  • refrain from all forms of retaliation towards referees, officials and volunteers;
  • not be under the influence drugs or alcohol whilst participating in any TCR sanctioned training, scrimmage, bout or other sporting event;
  • take due regard for the property and facilities of TCR and their providers (i.e. training venue, motels);
  • not discriminate against others based on their sex, age, religious beliefs, sexuality, appearance, or any other grounds;
  • refrain from all forms of gossip, bullying, verbal abuse, physical abuse/fighting, and threatening or aggressive behaviour;
  • maintain the confidentiality of all TCR business, intellectual property, league operations (i.e. minutes, financials, training plans, etc.) and any other confidential matters;
  • not speak to parties outside of TCR (including media outlets, other roller derby leagues, etc) about any aspect of the association that could damage the association or its reputation; and
  • adhere to the policies and procedures established by TCR. 


Policy Number: 1.1

Version: 1

Approved By: Ellen Grinham, President

Approved Date: 04/11/2013